A Good Estimate Is About 20% Of Your Total Ad Spend

Total Monthly $ Ad Spend X .2 = Approximate Cost of Your HireBoom! System

Here’s A Breakdown Of The Costs Involved

Creation Costs

Creation cost is based on a fixed price per campaign and will represent about 30-40% of the monthly cost of a HireBoom! system.

HireBoom! is an all-in-one solution for your job advertising needs.  We can create all the pieces right here in-house.  From ad creatives to copywriting to campaign creation to website building, we can literally build whatever you need.  Graphic Design – No Problem.  Ad Writing – No Problem.  Social Media Profile Setup – No Problem.

At the end of the day, you won’t have to deal with anyone else if you don’t want to.  We’ll help you build the solutions you need and you’ll have one person at the other end of one phone number and email address to work with.  Talk about convenient!

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Management Costs

Management cost is based on a fixed price per 3-5 campaigns and will represent about 20-30% of the monthly cost of a HireBoom! system.

Once your solutions have been designed and built, we can help you manage them.  This is so that you don’t have to learn how every job and social media platform works.  It’s also so that you can get back to doing what you do best – hiring, training, and retaining people who make your company a better place.

We’ll look after all of the ads on all of the platforms and make sure that they are running at peak efficiency.  We’ll take care of refreshing and reposting them to keep them showing up to your prospective hires.  We work with teams of people inside platforms like Facebook, Indeed, and Google to stay up on the latest developments to the platforms, so that you don’t have to.

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Reporting Costs

Reporting cost is based upon a fixed price per 3-5 campaigns and will will represent about 15-20% of the monthly cost of a HireBoom! system.

So, how will you know if all this is paying off?  We’ll tell you.  Every client has complete access to the metrics from each ad platform.  That means that you’re welcome to check on your ads anytime you want to.  You’re also welcome to request data from us anytime you like.

Now, at the beginning of our work together, we’ll set up regular times to deliver data to you regarding your campaigns.  We’ll also agree on regular times to meet and discuss the results.  This way you are always informed and can determine your budgets and time tables accordingly.  Reporting is key because it builds trust in our relationship, but also because it provides the data we all need to make smart decisions about what to do next.  At HireBoom! we don’t guess and we treat your resources like our own.

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Cost of Tools

Cost of Tools is based on a fixed price per tool and will represent 20-25% of the monthly cost of a HireBoom! system.  Some tools also carry a separate fee per user or group of users.

The cost of tools will vary depending on what you need.  If you already have an Applicant Tracking System and a Customer Relations Manager, you may only need some Automation to round things out.  If you need more tools, this will be a bigger percentage of your cost.

The nice thing about the tools that we offer is that we have agreements with the providers, so we can usually offer you the functionality of these services for less than you would pay directly.

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