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Indeed Tricks for Employers | HireBoom!

Indeed Tricks

The internet is full of Indeed tips and tricks for job seekers.  This training if specifically for Employers.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to write effective Indeed Ads
  • How to use free postings
  • How to use sponsored postings
  • How to manage your ad budgets
  • How to use Targeted Ads
  • How to build your Company Page
  • And more!
How To Write Job Ads That Win | HireBoom!

Better Ad Writing

Learn to write powerful and effective job ads that create reliable candidate flow from all of your digital platforms.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to write ads not postings
  • How to write good headlines
  • How to write to an audience of one
  • How to be easily understood
  • How to be the solution
  • How to target through content
  • And more!
Build A Recruiter Brand | HireBoom!

Build A Recruiter Brand

Develop your unique recruiting brand message, then learn how to sell it by building out all of your company profiles.

You’ll Learn:

  • What a recruiter brand is
  • Why a recruiter brand matters
  • How to develop a recruiter brand
  • How to sell your recruiter brand
  • How to build out your brand profiles
  • How to protect your recruiter brand
  • And more!
Facebook Recruiting Tricks | HireBoom!

Facebook Tricks

Learn how to develop and get the most out of candidate flow from the world’s largest social media platform.

You’ll Learn:

  • When to use Facebook for recruiting
  • How to manage your ad budget
  • How to build a recruiting campaign
  • How to properly target your ads
  • How to create content for Facebook ads
  • How to understand the analytics
  • And more!
Indeed Tricks for Employers | HireBoom!

Craigslist Tricks

Craiglist is the Wild Wild West of recruiting platforms and it can be an effective tool for developing candidate flow.

You’ll Learn:

  • When to use Craigslist ads
  • How to win with your headline
  • How often to post your ads
  • How to use photos & formatting
  • How to research competitors
  • How to drive traffic to your ATS
  • And more!
Indeed Tricks for Employers | HireBoom!

JazzHR (A Better ATS)

There are a lot of Applicant Tracking Systems on the market and this is absolutely the best one I’ve found.

You’ll Learn:

  • What all ATS’s have in common
  • Why JazzHR is better
  • How to handle jobs and candidates
  • How to add custom application content
  • How to advertise right from JazzHR
  • How to use JazzHR & Indeed together
  • And more!
Indeed Tricks for Employers | HireBoom!

Email Recruiting Tricks

Learn all of the most effective techniques for creating candidate flow using time-tested email campaigns & techniques.

You’ll Learn:

  • When to use email for recruiting
  • How to create email campaigns
  • How to build email lists
  • How to segment your lists
  • How to get people to open your emails
  • How to use email analytics
  • And more!
Indeed Tricks for Employers | HireBoom!

Recruiting Automation

Automation can be extremely helpful if you use it correctly.  We’ll show you how to get smart results from your automation.

You’ll Learn:

  • What’s possible with automation
  • How to connect your recruiting tools
  • How to automate with email
  • How to automate with your ATS
  • How to automate our list building
  • How to remarket to missed leads
  • And more!

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