Job Advertising

The days of simply posting opening are over.  It’s a buyer’s market out there and job seekers have nearly unlimited opportunities.  You need to do more than post your jobs, you need to advertise them.  We can help.

Because unemployment is down to record lows in the United States, job seekers have a lot more choices these days.  This is why posting is not enough.  As employers, we have to win them over.  We have to show them how working with our company will solve a problem for them or present an new and exciting opportunity.  We have to advertise.

Advertising your job openings is different from simply posting them.  Advertising is warm and personable.  It carries a strong, focused message that compels people to take action.  It involves knowing your audience – what they like and what they want.

The days of , “Company seeks qualified individual for position X,” are over.  Today’s job seekers want to be understood and valued.  They want to speak informally without all of the corporate jargon and exec-speak.  They’re not just interested in trading their time for your money.  They’re looking for a partnership where they bring skils and experience and your bring resources and opportunity.

At HireBoom! we write jobs ads every day and we know how to do it right.  We’ll help you research your target applicants and learn to make offers that appeal to them.  We know the ins and outs of all of the job sites and social media platforms to help you get the most for your money and effort.

We also understand how digital marketing works and that’s really the key to successful online recruiting.  Being able to capture leads from all of your ads and remarket your opportunities to them on multiple platforms across the web will totally change the way your recruit forever.