How It Works

1. We Learn

In order to properly advise you, we first need to understand your business and the challenges you face when hiring.  This means that we start with a lot of listening.

Every company is unique, so there are no cookie-cutter solutions.  Specific problems require specific solutions.

2. We Design

There are tons of tools available.  From social media and ad platforms to automation and analytics tools, finding a fit that gets the job done without breaking the bank is critical.

Once we understand your business and your hiring needs, we’ll recommend a set of tools that works for you.

3. We Build

Once we have designed a system along with a set of tools and services that work for you, we build the necessary componants.

Websites, Social Media Profiles, Automations, whatever it takes we can build it, so there’s no outsourcing to eat up your time and budget.

4.  We Launch

With all of our research completed and the pieces in place, it’s time to launch your campaigns.  This is where we implement what we’ve created.

Sure, there will be bugs to work out as we fine tune your new hiring system.  No worries, we’ll be there every step of the way.

5. We Report

Once we get everything working, we’ll begin collecting the data you will use to make future decisions.  We don’t guess.  We track and analyze.

Decisions made from reliable data are the only way to ensure success.  You’ll know what’s working and what it costs every step of the way.

6. We Manage

Your in-house HR Team has plenty to do already with interviewing, hiring, training, and administrating benefits.  That’s why we manage your ads.

We have dedicated teams within the top social media and job board companies to help us manage your system, so you don’t have to.