Hiring Strategy

You used to be able to just post your openings on online job boards and get enough response.  Now when you post your jobs you hardly get any responses and the ones you get are usually unqualified.  We can help.

The answer has a couple of parts to it.  First, because unemployment is down to record lows in the United States, job seekers have a lot more choices.  This is why posting is not enough.  As employers, we have to win them over.  We have to show them how working with our company will solve a problem for them or present an new and exciting opportunity.  We have to advertise.

Once we understand that our job posting has to become job advertising, we need to write better ads.  This is where HireBoom! shines.  With nearly two decades of ad writing experience under our belt, we’ll help you craft ads that get the attention of your target market.

Once you have great ads, you have to know where to put them.  This is when we work with you to determine where your ideal applicants are hanging out on the internet.  Then we help you craft a system of advertising across multiple platforms and job sites to get your message in front of the right people.

Finally, we’ll build a system that takes all of the traffic generated by your ads and funnels it to you.  We’ll even help you retarget the folks that saw your ad once, but didn’t apply.

Add to all this your quick response time and efficient hiring practices, and you’ve got a winning Hiring Strategy that will make a big difference in your company’s bottom line.