Hiring Events

Our experience has shown that companies who host regular hiring events fill their job opening much faster than companies that don’t.  Hiring Events don’t have to be complicated and they really do work.  You need to host Hiring Events.  We can help.

Hiring events are all about proper advertising, organization, and follow-up.  You need to put effective ads in front of enough of the right people prior tothe event.  You need to send reminders and helpful instructions in the days leading up to the event.  You need to be properly staffed and prepared for the event itself.  Then you need to be able to follow up with anyone who signed up, but didn’t show up.

We get this done with expertly crafted ads and promotional materials.  Then we find where your audience hangs out online and deliver your message to their newsfeeds and inboxes.  Next, we help you prepare for the big day with helpful guides and training.  Finally, we use our Automation System to follow up on leads that came in from the ads.

By doing periodic hiring events, you can seriously boost your regular recruiting efforts.  And you can continue to build a list of interested people that you can remarket to over time.