Detailed Reporting

One of the biggest fears of online job advertising is that there won’t be accurate reporting.  You need to know the results that your ads are getting and what they actually cost.  You need ad campaigns that deliver within your budget.  We can help.

There are two ways to make decisions about your advertising.  You can choose or your can guess.  At HireBoom! we choose.  We believe that it is irresponsible and wrong to guess what to do with someone’s money.  We would never do it with our own and we won’t do with your either.  That’s why every recommendation we make regarding your ads is determined and backed up by reliable data.

You need good data, because it’s the only way to ensure solid decision making.  We’ll provide regular and reliable reporting for your ad campaigns.  And we’ll give you complete access to all of the data so you can check up on things yourself whenever you like.  We’ll also help you interpret the data, so that you can determine the course of action that is best for your company.

Regular Reporting and Clear Communication puts you in the driver’s seat without having to become a data scientist in your spare time.  You have a business to run, people to hire and train.  You need in important information presented in a way that you can use to drive your company forward.

We get it.